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Four Points to Consider When Importing Soft Toys Into Australia

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If you own a toy shop, sell toys at fairs and other outdoor events, or sell toys in other situations, you probably buy soft toys wholesale. In some situations, you can save money by importing the soft toys that you want to sell. Worried about importing? Here's what you need to consider.

1. Make Sure the Toy Meets Local Rules

There are safety regulations throughout Australia, and when it comes to toys, these regulations are designed to protect children. In most cases, when you are importing, the country of origin doesn't necessarily have the same safety standards.

As a result, you may have to do a bit more research to ensure the soft toy meets local regulations. You may want to work with a manufacturer who has experience exporting to Australia—they may understand the laws better than a novice. The rules deal with everything from materials to workmanship.

2.  Consider a Customs Broker

Dealing with the ins and outs of importing soft toys or anything else, can be tricky. You may want to employ a customs agent to help you. They can set up the shipment and ensure that all the paperwork is in order.

These professionals can also ensure that the toys have all the right documentation in place to prove that they meet safety requirements. For instance, some toys are required to have a tag explaining when and where they were made.

3. Chat With the Manufacturer Online

In some cases, you can just buy soft toys wholesale from a website. These companies are often more focused on wholesaling than on manufacturing, and they often get the toys from the manufacturer. In this case, you simply need to read reviews of the company and possibly speak with customer service professionals.

However, if you decide to buy soft toys directly from the manufacturer, you may want to take a "tour" of the manufacturing facility. You don't have to go abroad to accomplish this. Instead, you can do it over video chat. That gives you a chance to see the working conditions, talk about manufacturing processes and ask questions about safety.

4. Calculate Shipping

Soft toys tend to be relatively lightweight, especially compared to denser items of the same size. That often helps to bring down the shipping cost. Before importing any toys, double check the cost of shipping and make sure that the shipping doesn't drive up the overall cost of the toy too much.